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Bordeaux proprietary Mix & Match concept, enabling on-the-fly conversion of the original ink to Bordeaux without the need to flush, replace parts or perform new color profiles in most configurations. The “Mix” only technology enables conversion of specified OEM inks to Bordeaux without the need to flush or replace parts.

An innovative Eco-Solvent Ink that offers a high quality, yet economic solution as a replacement for Eco-Sol Max™ inks in the Roland Soljet Pro™ and VersaCAMM™. The ink is also fully compatible with the newer XC and VP models. The PENR™ inks are fully compatible with the Mutoh® ValueJet™ and the Falcon Outdoor II™ and in addition to the Mimaki® ES3 inks. Unique benefits.

Extremely wide color gamut

Quick drying with excellent substrate adhesion

Odorless and harmless

Superior outdoor and scratch resistance

Compatible with a broad range of substrates

Environmentally friendly


Compatibility: Bordeaux’s Prime-Eco PeNr is fully compatible with Roland’s ECO-SOL MAX™ ink and with Mutoh’s Eco Ultra™ ink. Just “plug and play” and you’re ready to go! There is no need to flush or spending costly time creating new profiles.

Our inks produce:

  • High print density

  • Extremely wide color gamut

  • Quick drying with excellent substrate adhesion

  • Superior scratch resistance

  • Long life prints that can be laminated for extended use

  • High quality prints using a wide selection of uncoated banner, mesh, vinyl, self adhesive vinyl and paper.

Bordeaux has also designed the Eco-Solvent Inks to interact seamlessly with the Printer:

100%-compatibility with original printer components

Will not cause clogging and misfiring and Promote printhead life

Unique Benefits:

Practically Odorless

Maximal Light Fastness

Wide Color Gamut and high Optical Density

Outdoor Durability guaranteed for up to 2 years

Optimized Adhesion and Scratch Resistance with both coated and uncoated substrates.

From Roland Eco Max OEM ink to Bordeaux Eco-solvent Ink (no need to flush):

Before installation, run a nozzle test print and a standard test print to have as a reference point for comparison purposes.

1. Install the Bordeaux ink and run two normal cleaning cycles

2. Note: Dampers DO NOT have to be changed

3. Run nozzle print.

4. Begin running test prints and compare to standard test print.

5. There is no need to re-profile. It is better to start earlier in the day so the ink fills the entire system (best not to start the procedure on a Friday afternoon when it will sit all weekend).

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